Studio is an established mail order catalogue business that has been in operation since 1962; Studio is registered in England and has grown over time from just a mail order catalogue to an online store that offers over 35,000 different items. Studio offers a lot of discounts on clothing and footwear and allows customers to make orders online rather than having to use the telephone or mail order system. It allows customers to obtain credit on their account and offers their own Aqua credit cards. The Aqua cards are available only to UK residents over the age of 18 and offers a credit limit suited to your circumstances. Aqua credit cards are also MasterCards so they can be used in 23 million locations worldwide, wherever MasterCards are accepted.

Studio offers cards to persons who may not otherwise be able to get a credit card for various reasons such as being self employed, being a homemaker, having low income or not being on the electoral roll. Since Studio is a specialist lender they can give cards to persons who may not otherwise be eligible. Studio cards have a variable annual percentage rate (APR) of 35.9%, have no annual fees, offers a credit limit of up to £2,200 and no interest rates are charged if statement balances are paid in full before the due date comes around. With an Aqua card you can buy items directly from Studio’s website, other websites online, pay bills, and purchase items in various stores around the world.

Other benefits offered with a Studio card is that you can add an additional cardholder free of charge; you have access to insurance products such as credit card repayment coverage and security technology whenever you use your card. Studio cards offer cardholders the convenience of never having to leave home, not having to travel with large amounts of cash, a way of building their credit rating, a chance to rebuild a credit rating that has previously been very low, and 24-hour customer service to deal with any need a customer may have at any time of the day.

For the sake of privacy and security Studio cards require a pin number for each purchase and has a Card Care team that is available 24/7. If your card is lost or stolen you should call Card Care as soon as you become aware of the missing card and they will handle the rest. Card Care offers insurance coverage costing £18 per year and covers not only your card but lost cash, your driving license, your wallet, purse or handbag, emergency travel documents, emergency messaging and communication costs and emergency card replacement fees.

The Credit Card Repayment cover offered with each Aqua card protects you in the event that issues such as being unable to work for 15 consecutive days prevents you from being able to make your payment on time. With this cover there are times when Studio will pay the outstanding balance or make the monthly payments for you.

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